Wealth Protection For Your Assets

Fixed, Sorted, Solved, Done!

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Exactly The Same Look You Get From Your Friends

When You Tell Them Your Wealth Protection

Is Not Up To Date


Ever Had Trouble Sleeping At Night?

Tossing & turning, with your mind racing. Thinking about the future, a little worried, a little excited?


Have you caught yourself thinking about what you have done and what you are going to do? Reliving the risks you have taken, and the wins you have had...


Did your mind drift onto the deals you have in play right now, the risks, and the possibilities?


Do you ever awaken knowing that you need to lock in your wins, to protect your hard fought for gains, your accumulated wealth, before tackling your next challenge?


Did you ever stop while reading the newspaper the next morning and think that you need to protect you, and the future for your loved ones, right now, right here, today? You’re not alone!!! . . .



...and the answer is below


What Procrastinators Have Said...

"I'll look into it later in the year, no time just now..."

"My lawyer says I'm covered but I just don't see how it will actually work to be honest..."

(I'll Find A Picture For You Later...)


Would You Like To Know?...

How to protect your personal wealth without transfer or other associated costs like stamp duty?


What business structure is best for your personal wealth protection and business continuity? 


How to protect your business assets, intellectual property and business value?


How to ensure your estate goes to who you want it to go to?

...and the answer is below

The EquityProtect® approach is to provide you with tried and proven Black & White solutions for your Wealth Protection needs.


Quite Simply & In Plain English:


100% Service Guaranteed

No Stamp Duty

No Capital Gains Tax

No Transfer Costs

No Adverse Tax Impact

Tailored Solutions For You

Your Wealth Protected

In Place Within 14 Days

Expertly Executed


The Misconceptions...

One of the biggest misconceptions that still exists in Australia is that an asset must be fully transferred across to a family trust before it can be protected. 

It is further misconceived that you have to incur Stamp Duty costs, the triggering of Capital Gains Tax, transfer costs, and the possible loss of concessions such as your principal place of residence status to do so.

The unfortunate position is that those transfer costs can run into 10's or even 100's of 1000's of dollars.

There is also the mistaken belief that protection for negatively geared properties is almost impossible. 

These assumptions are simply NOT correct!

...the answer is below

"The Answer" - Explained Simply By Asset Protection Expert, Shane Ellis!

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"You can rest quietly at night knowing that if the unexpected should occur your WEALTH is protected.

As one of Australia's foremost WEALTH Protection specialist lawyers, I know that your assets can be safe guarded without the need for any unnecessary stamp duty, taxes, transfer costs or loss of concessions. 

Call me now for a Plain English chat about the structures and strategies for your WEALTH Protection. All services are 100% GUARANTEED! The WEALTH you have worked so hard to build can finally be safe!

"I have set up these structures for myself and for many, many clients and their loved ones over the past decade. Please let me get things FIXED, SORTED, SOLVED, DONE for you!"


It's Your Move...

The process is easy and requires you to take the first step NOW! We simply need to meet, face to face in person or online. I will fully review your assets, liabilities, existing business and trust structures (if any).


This will result in the formulation of a personalized strategy for you to fully protect your wealth. You will be presented with a fixed costs plan: no hidden charges, fees, taxes or levies. You’ll know what you’re up for before you press ‘GO’.


Your personalized EquityProtect® strategy can be put in place in as little as 14 days!


Tomorrow, A Week, Or A Year From Now May Be Too late!

Fire-walled Wealth Protection for you and your loved ones! Call NOW on 1300 886 480 alternatively you can send us an email: or use the form below!


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